Karma Workshop
"Karma affects everyone, it is not a spiritual interest, but a must for anyone looking to reach their full potential".

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

Just over 24 years ago I had a profound life changing experience which changed the course of my life forever. With no previous interest or experience in karma or spirituality, I awoke to the truth that we are all unconsciously trying to work out our karma, but very few manage it. I saw not only what karma is (and it's not what people think it is), but the tools within which to dissolve it.

This handbook shares with you how to dissolve your Karma.
More details can be found at https://www.jacquelinemaryphillips.com/book

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Jacqueline Mary Phillips
Learn the truth about Karma, how it manifests in your life, and how you can be free of Karma.
During the Karma Workshop you will learn:

My Story and how this qualifies me to teach about Karma. The teachings are not from a book, or even a teacher or Guru. It is from personal life changing experience.

What Karma is and isn't

How Karma affects your life

How you personally experience your Karma

How to begin to dissolve your Karma
This is a very special webinar - seats are filling up FAST...

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